A Personal Revolution

I’ve always felt a bit out of place in the world.
Then, I got older, and felt completely out of place.

After the many considerably painful and pitiful places I’ve been, I began to question the postulation I had adopted that other people were causing my discontent. It’s easy to blame others for one’s pain; I was, indeed, the one being hurt.

But how could I deny the fact that throughout all of my interactions, there was one common denominator…me?

I decided to reject the notion that my discontent was everybody else’s problem, but I couldn’t resign myself to a lower standard of living, thinking, or believing in order to alleviate my pain.

So, I shut my eyes,
took a deep breath,
and for the first time, I listened to myself…
and I liked what I heard.

Thus began a revolution:
A restructuring of personal and societal standards, a regrouping of my own ethics, a rebuilding of esteem.
Out with the redundant, in with renewal.

A personal revolution.