Jus Sanguinis: Aww…

Last night, I noticed that I had left the garbage and recycling bins out by the curb, as it was garbage day yesterday. When I went to retrieve them, I opened the mail box and found a letter from New York…the country clerk, to be specific.

My grandma and grandpa’s marriage certificate is officially here.

I had absolutely no idea that my grandmother packed hosiery in a factory as a job before she got married…isn’t that amazing? (Well, it may not be to you, but it was to me.)

As sweet as it was to finally receive the certificate, I couldn’t help but cringe at all of the spelling inconsistencies in the names of my family members; if I ever get to the consulate, there may be a few boo-boos to cover with that. Italians really do not take kindly to name inconsistencies…

But still…so freaking sweet.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Jus Sanguinis: Aww…

  1. karendannerloveless

    I too find reading what the jobs our family did a fun way to get to know more about them personally. I know as I find official documents and they miss spell the names I wonder why? Its mistakes like this to make figuring out the family history hard. But any lead is helpful.

    1. lunademasi Post author

      Knowing their occupations is a great and entertaining way to better understand our relatives; well said!

      And the spelling issue? Jeez, there are so many mistakes, one might even wonder how seriously the officials were taking everything.
      Oh, it’s only a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, it’s not like it’s important.
      That and horrendous, difficult to decipher cursive; that’s one of my favorites. :p

      And yes, the mistakes can make it so a family researcher is easily thrown off track, which is quite frustrating. Luckily, this era is a bit more efficient and keen on details…and no more cursive, I hope! 🙂


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