I’m proud to announce that I’m now being published through ‘Smushy Books Publishing.’ (@SmushyBooks on Twitter)

I’ve been working on a few different literary miniseries; these miniseries are planned to be released in increments of 10,000 to 60,000-word episodes in digital format. Once all digital episodes have been released, there will be either a paperback omnibus or novel available for purchase.

In 2020, I have three miniseries scheduled to start publication, which include:

The Black Swan Company: The Miniseries (Puritan Virtues Universe)

Episode 1 planned for winter 2020

Filed under the genre of ‘Not Your Mama’s Paranormal Romance,’ this miniseries revolves around a woman named Melody Fields who winds up in one of the scariest places in the world: Providence, Rhode Island. Most of the U.S. population has been transformed into blood-sucking monsters, so for still-human Melody, this is all a bit of a nightmare. After being dropped into this familiar-yet-unfamiliar world, she begins to unravel a mystery surrounding the disappearances of the few people like her (normal human beings) while trying to honor the warm feelings she begins to have for one of the blood-suckers.

Counting the Stars without You (Puritan Virtues Universe)

Episode 1 planned for summer 2020

Another ‘Not Your Mama’s Paranormal Romance’ adherent, this miniseries follows epidemiologist Calliope Stanton, as she tries to navigate her now upside-down world after waking up in a park one night, missing two days of her life. It’s difficult to return to ‘life as usual’ while nursing a brand new anxiety disorder and a case of PTSD in your mid-thirties; it’s even more difficult to convince your friends that it’s not just garden-variety paranoia that some new faces in town are making you uncomfortable, but you don’t know why. Calliope even starts to suspect that the man she’s developing feelings for, Sasha Kensington, might be hiding something. All she knows for sure is that, after this summer, her life will never be the same.