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My Book Trailer

Sorry for the spamming of my book; like I said in my FAQ, I only want to post news about my book, not allowing it to overtake everything. So, I promise to shut up soon, but I’m so freaking pumped about sharing my book trailer with you guys!

When I tried to come up with an idea for a book trailer, I wanted to show what a snippet of life in ‘The Black Swan Company’ would look like. New Hampshire isn’t the setting for my book (it’s Providence, Rhode Island), but New Hampshire IS an important place in it, as it plays an integral role in showing how a group of people reacted to the political change in the storyline, and how they feel about it.

So, I decided that a fun way to show a piece of the world I’d created was to put together a few minutes of what I believe would be on their public access television (community announcements and all), and let me tell you…I watched so much public access in preparation of this trailer, it’s not-…well, yeah, it’s kind of funny.

A good friend of mine (who had taken a class in voice acting) accepted my offer of doing the voiceover work, and I think he did a great job! My first time in a recording studio, too; it took about an hour to record, as I had to direct him and have it timed with the music…I thought it’d only be a few minutes to record.

When I put the trailer together and watched it…I cried. It feels like the world I’d imagined is real, and that was an amazing thing to experience.

‘The Black Swan Company’

Hey, guys.

I want to tell you that…

1. I kind of…well, wrote a book, and…
2. it’s available on Amazon.

You can buy ‘The Black Swan Company’ at Amazon, and even like ‘The Black Swan Company’ on Facebook. It is only in digital format, but I’m hoping to sell it in hardcopy very soon; there is a link to subscribe to a newsletter on my main page, and I intend to announce any releases on Facebook and here, of course!

Please do be forewarned that the indenting did not come out properly on older Kindles and the Amazon preview, but it looks perfectly fine on newer Kindles and all applications (‘apps’) that I’ve tested it on so far (iBook, the Kindle App, etc.).

I know that the most of you use your readers to read my blog, so you might not’ve noticed the changes I’ve made to my website (lunademasi.com); I’ve added an FAQ and synopsis for my book, and a picture of myself on the ‘About’ page.

Thanks, guys.