The Black Swan Company

For those of you who are wondering what The Black Swan Company is about, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few frequently asked questions from my friends and family:

Where can I find ‘The Black Swan Company’?
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Where’s the trailer?

What’s your book about?
For once, I’m prepared for this question!
Here’s a synopsis:

In a world…

Just kidding.
Ok, for real:

Melody Fields is an investigative journalist.
…Or, at least, she used to be.

An epidemic has swept the United States, turning the majority of its population into undead creatures called Sanguines, who sustain themselves on the life force of the living. Those who weren’t afflicted were given a choice: Enter a protected Colony or hope to survive.

Guilted by her father to flee while she still could, Melody has been marooned on Nantucket Colony for four years. Unable to turn off her vocational instincts, the tough-as-nails, Boston-by-way-of-Foxboro journalist can’t help but notice when her fellow Colonists begin to disappear.

After months of observation, Melody finds a pattern to the disappearances, and it doesn’t take long for her act-first-think-later mentality to kick in and follow a group of kidnappees onto a ferry. Once on the mainland, though, her seldom-seen sense of self-preservation causes her to abandon her mission and flee. Desperate for a place to hide, she winds up in the home of a lonely, soft-spoken Sanguine named Bastian, who seemingly breaks all protocol with his disinterest in eating her alive and his offer of safe harbor.

A slow-growing trust developing between them, Bastian tries his best to help Melody find her place in a now-unfamiliar world, but she doesn’t understand how different her place really is until she reconnects with her inner-circle. Melody and her friends discover that they’ve been unraveling the same unsavory story from opposite ends, and when they tie their information together, they realize they might be uncovering a scandal that could change everything if it’s brought to light. But if they fail, it could mean the end for countless lives…even their own.

…Wow. That was complicated. Is it boring?
Actually, it’s not.
Yes, the plot is involved, but it’s super fun. There’s romance, suspense, comedy, action, and (of course) personal reflection.

Oh Jesus…is this another fucking vampire romance?
1. Sanguines are NOT vampires.
2. There IS romance in it, but it is NOT what drives the story. There is no way that it could be called a romance.
3. SANGUINES ARE NOT VAMPIRES. I’m repeating this because it’s important to know, not because I have anything against vampires. As a matter of fact, I love vampires…I’ve loved them ever since I knew what they were all about. And I’m not talking about Stephanie Meyer, demi-God, vampire-in-name-only, permanent-blue-balls, I-refuse-to-drink-your-blood, PG-13 “vampires;” I mean fucking Lestat, Dracula, and Kurt Barlow vampires. I’m not saying this because I’m ashamed to love vampires…I’m proud of loving vampires, and I have a key chain to prove it. But Sanguines are different.

Luna, what’s the genre of your book?
It took me a while to figure it out. At first, I called it paranormal speculative fiction, but nobody knew what the hell I was talking about. After doing a bit of research on genres, I found out that it is actually a paranormal thriller.

Is it a series?
I fucking hope so.

Is it targeted more for men or women?
Honestly? Neither. Either gender could enjoy the plot and characters, for sure. If I girled it up, I’d testify.

So, is it targeted toward teenagers? Adults? What are we dealing with here?
Definitely adults. Most of my characters swear about as much as I do (meaning a LOT), there’re sexual situations, there’s a bit of violence, and a lot of content that’s more relatable to adults.

How long is this story?
A bit more than 114,000 words. But please don’t let that scare you. I had a lot of explaining to do. Or more, world-building. Trust me.

Why are you choosing to self-publish? Are you crazy? You should at least TRY for an agent or a traditional publisher!
I didn’t want to wait around or be at the mercy of the industry.
I worked on my book for two or three years, and face it: Publishers and agents won’t consider a work that isn’t edited to the point of being ready-to-print, anyway, so why bother allowing it to sit in the dark? They’d probably refuse at the word count, alone. The truth is that I like it the way it is, and I didn’t write it to be my cash cow. I wrote it because I wanted to write it, plain and simple.

Why’s the trailer about New Hampshire? I thought that the whole thing takes place in Providence, Rhode Island.
Because New Hampshire plays a pivotal role in the plot, and I fell in love with it and everything it stands for.
…I think that my deep, abiding love for public access television also played a huge part in that, too.

You say that the story is a lot about politics; are you pushing a particular party’s agenda?
The story is about how freedom and social change interacts with politics.

How can I help?
If it sounds interesting, please read it; if you like it, tell a friend or pimp my trailer.

I’ve been following your blog…are you going to quack buy-my-book bullshit all of the time now?
[Ok, I don’t get asked this question a lot…or more, at all, but it’s important to address.]
While I may make you aware of stuff about it, I intend to keep the integrity of my blog by making the same kinds of posts and neglecting it regularly, as usual.